Green office cleaning ‘good for your business’

November 8th, 2012 Category: Office Cleaning

With public awareness and concern about environmental issues now at an all-time high, businesses have had to place a much greater focus on the subject in the last few years.

Indeed, the environment is now a key part of many firms' corporate social responsibility agendas, while adopting green policies has proved to be a great way of boosting their reputations and attracting new custom.

But there is no reason for companies to only focus on green matters in its customer-facing functions. Behind the scenes, the emphasis on helping the planet should be just as great, as it can be equally as beneficial for a firm.

Office cleaning is one area where there is considerable room for businesses to minimise their environmental impact – but it may also have a number of other advantages.

Indeed, interior designer Estelle Page believes making sure environmentally-friendly cleaning products are used in an office can turn a workplace into a much healthier environment.

Writing for Greener Ideal, she said this is because many standard cleaning products can trigger allergies and respiratory illnesses. Therefore, bringing in contract cleaners who use eco-friendly products might help to cut the number of sick days among staff and therefore save a firm large sums of money.

Ms Page said green cleaning products can also improve the indoor air quality in an office, which means an office can seem "much nicer and cleaner when clients pop round".

"It reflects a positive business image," she commented.

"Many clients are seeking out companies who have ethical, eco-friendly standards nowadays."

Ms Page went on to point out that office furniture can last longer if eco-friendly green products are used.

This, she said, is because standard options contain harsh chemicals that are capable of eroding the tops of tables and counters.

She added that it is the responsibility of every single person to take steps to help the environment, since we all share the planet and should therefore all be responsible for taking care of it.