SMEs encouraged to outsource

October 8th, 2012 Category: Office Cleaning

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been advised to consider the benefits of letting a third party take on certain tasks, such as office cleaning, payroll and accounts.

According to the National Outsourcing Association, this approach can give smaller companies access to superior skills and technology in no time at all.

Martyn Hart, chairman of the body, believes this could be particularly valuable during these tough economic times.

Indeed, he stressed that embracing outsourcing could be the "lowest-risk way" for SMEs to grow in the current financial environment.

However, Mr Hart pointed out that businesses will only feel the benefits of outsourcing if it is done correctly.

This, he said, means firms considering taking on a third party to handle tasks such as office cleaning and payroll management need to carry out careful due diligence.

In addition, Mr Hart stated that SMEs have to put the effort into managing the relationship with their external provider.

"Outsourcing can boost productivity, drive efficiency, enable access to new markets and improve a small business's overall prospects," he commented.

Mr Hart added that it is fairly unusual for smaller ventures not to outsource tasks such as office cleaning, payroll and accounts these days, as they are finding that "it doesn't pay to keep them in-house".

This is understandable, really, as SMEs often won't need in-house specialists on these areas every single day, so employing them on a full-time basis won't be cost-effective.

By contrast, outsourcing allows them to make use of trained experts but as and when they are needed.

Mr Hart added that more adventurous businesses have already found that "absolutely anything" can be outsourced to external bodies and deliver positive results.

"You can always find a company who is more experienced and efficient than you," he said.

With the UK struggling to emerge from a double-dip recession – the first since the 1970s – SMEs aren't expecting the country's economic woes to end any time soon. With no quick fix on the horizon, outsourcing could be a great way to balance the books without compromising on delivering your core services.