Council considers school enlargement plans

September 26th, 2012 Category: Educational Establishments

Eight schools in Hampshire could be enlarged if the proposals are accepted by a local authority.

The plans would cost approximately £15 million to implement and lead to 1,000 new school places being created in places such as Andover, Eastleigh, Basingstoke and Emsworth.

Councillor Roy Perry of Hampshire County Council commented: "Hampshire, like many other parts of the country, is experiencing increased pressure on school places.

"These proposals represent significant investment to ensure that children can attend their local schools and I will consider them carefully."

The approval of the plans might prompt some of the expanding schools to consider using or expanding their contracts with school cleaning specialists.

After all, the expansion of a school could make it more difficult for them to handle cleaning duties in-house.

As a result, turning towards a third party could be both practical and cost-effective, as they will have the expertise and the resources to do the best possible job.

Primary school pupils in the region are already performing well and providing a pleasant learning environment could be key to bringing about further academic achievements in the future.

Figures from Hampshire County Council showed that 87 per cent of children reached the required standard in Key Stage 2 English tests last year, while 87 per cent made the grade in maths.

The local authority is very pleased with the figures as they are significantly better than they were in 2011, so it will be keen to build on this achievement in the coming years.

"Hampshire children continue to perform better than national averages," the council commented.

Councillor Perry stated that the county's schools will stay ambitious and concentrate on ensuring children make the most of their time in primary education.

This, he said, would allow them to build solid foundations for the next stage of their learning at secondary level.

Councillor Perry added that both staff and pupils deserve to be congratulated for the results, which he described as "really excellent".