Wood floors ‘must be properly maintained’

September 19th, 2012 Category: Building Management

Owners of buildings with wood floors must make sure the surface is properly looked after.

When it comes to designing the interior of a commercial property, there are many approaches you can take. Do you go for a modern and futuristic look or a retro styling instead? Or perhaps a classic, timeless option that straddles the line between old and new.

Many businesses have installed wood flooring as part of an effort to achieve the latter, as it evokes past times without ever appearing old-fashioned and staid.

Indeed, it can add a touch of class to any location, as well as boast practical qualities such as the strength to stand up to high footfall.

A hotel reception, for instance, always has people coming and going, but it can look immaculate all the time if wood flooring is in place.

However, an expert has insisted anyone with the surface must make sure it is properly maintained.

Ed Korczak, executive director of the National Wood Flooring Association, commented: "Even an inexpensive wood floor will last for generations if cared for properly."

So what steps can a business take to ensure the surface remains in optimum condition? Well, contract cleaners with specialist training and equipment for looking after wood should probably be their first port of call.

After all, they can perform tasks such as buff, repolish and sand the material effectively and without letting the business run the risk of making a mistake and causing some costly damage.

Mr Korczak noted that anyone who is considering investing in a wood floor should know there is no single best option.

"Choosing the right wood floor that will last for generations will depend on lifestyle, geographic location, personal preference and budget," he stated.

The expert added that wood flooring can potentially last for centuries, as some buildings still feature surfaces that were installed more than 300 years ago and remain attractive to the eye even today.

This is no doubt partly due to the fact they have been well maintained throughout this time.