University of Portsmouth

Delivering via rigorous KPIs across a 46 building cleaning contract

The University of Portsmouth is located across 46 separate buildings right in the heart of the maritime city of Portsmouth. The University is home to 19000 undergraduates and post-graduates supported by 3000 staff. Its most recent building is the new Dental Academy, the largest dental academic centre in the UK and the first of its kind in the country offering integrated team-based training programmes for dentists and dental care professionals.

The University Challenge

Maintaining exacting service excellence with minimum client involvement

The University’s Campus Management team wanted a cleaning contract that allowed them strategic level input, but no involvement in day-to-day issues. They expected the contractor to self deliver against rigorous KPIs including cleaning standards, staff training, staff turnover, uniform, risk assessments, help desk complaints, CRB vetting, on-site equipment and variation work. The contract also presented some stiff logistical cleaning challenges with no central arrival point for the cleaning staff and due to the University’s schedule, all cleaning had to take place in the morning and evening.

Getting it right matters to us

At Nviro we believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. So we take time to understand your brief and assess the challenges. We work with you honestly and openly to find a sustainable and cost-effective solution, backed up by professional and expert management to fit your specific cleaning needs. And as our name Nviro suggests, we focus hard on the environment too. So we can help you meet your sustainability targets. Best of all, we take the pressure off, so you can focus on other priorities. Simply put, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

The Nviro Solution

Nviro’s response was threefold. The first priority was to provide a solid layer of contract management operating mainly when the cleaning was taking place. This consisted of a full-time Contract Manager supported by a full-time Contract Support Manager and a full-time vehicle based mobile operator, providing coverage both in person and on call during morning and evening cleans.

To guarantee high levels of training across a workforce of over 150 cleaning staff, Nviro’s second priority was to extend its existing BICSc Accredited Training Hub status by registering a new training hub exclusively for its staff at the University. Ongoing training to BICSc standards enables Nviro to achieve the University’s requirements for staff training.

Nviro’s third priority was to allocate a part-time administrator exclusively to the University’s contract in order to assist the training programme and compile the monthly KPI reports. The result is a strong working relationship between client and contractor, which has enabled the Campus Team to go a long way to meeting their original objective of reducing their involvement in the cleaning contract and Nviro is enjoying the benefits of a steady stream of variation work to supplement the main contract.